B.L.T and burgers served with roasted sweet potatoes and lime labneh~ Muddy Forks gluten free bread available upon request  2 ~ Substitute tempeh for meat on any sandwich ~ Add Bacon  3

  • 13

    pan fried naan filled with cartelized leek, feta and mint, served with arugula, pomegranate jewels and pomegranate vinaigrette

  • 15
    The Taleggio Burger

    grass fed beef, taleggio cheese, sautéed crimimi and shiitake mushrooms, frisse, and garlic aioli, on brioche bun

  • 10

    served with green salad of greens, picked vegetables, pepitas, avocado & lime achiole vinaigrette, side of tomatillo salsa and maduro sauce ~ ask for daily tamale varieties

  • 12

    bacon, lettuce, local tomato, avocado, aioli, and Capriole goat cheese on brioche ~can substitute tempeh for meat

  • 13
    Classic Burger

    grass fed beef, tomato,  lettuce, white cheddar, zucchini pickles, aioli, on brioche bun ~ can substitute tempeh for meat


  • 12

    curry spiced and roasted cauliflower, golden raisins, pomegranate jewels, pine nuts, labneh

  • 8
    Buttermilk Fried Castlevetrano Olives

    garlic aioli dipping

  • 14
    Salmon Plate

      sesame chili sauce, scallion, potatoes, labneh, cucumbers

  • 12
    Squash Plate

    roasted local delicata, red kuru and kabocha squash, sweet red bean puree, apple and pickled ginger salsa fresca, miso walnuts

  • 10

    chickpea frites, harissa garlic aioli dipping

  • 13
    Bacon Dates

    chorizo stuffed medjool dates, wrapped with bacon, served with piquillo sauce


To any salad add: seared salmon 9  ~ organic tempeh 4

  • small 6/regular 10
    The Melrose

    mixed greens, arugula, Melrose apples, toasted hazelnuts, nettle cheese, pomegranate jewels, pomegranate vinaigrette

  • 6 sm / 10 reg

    mixed greens, pickled carrots, beauty heart radish, pepitas, avocado & lime achiote vinaigrette

  • 6
    Soup du Jour

    served with grilled bread

Chef de Cuisine Erika Yochum,
We are proud to support sustainable local farmers and producers for our coffee, meat, dairy, and seasonal produce: Brown County Coffee Roasters – Heartland Family Farm – Gunthorp – Dewig – Viking – Fischer – Smoking Goose – FoodWorks Freedom Valley – Renee’s Bakery – Poplar Ridge Farm – Buffalo Nickel Ranch – Capriole – WE Family Farms – Rhodes Farm. Our tiny kitchen cannot accommodate substitutions or additions to menu items.